Morning Routine

Setting aside the time to begin my day with intention is incredibly important to me. I always wake up with at least a full hour to get ready in before its time to leave the house. Over time I have developed a routine that allows me to be cenetered and prepared for what is usually a full day of work. Here is how my mornings generally go…

  • Wake up: Again, I always give myself at least 1 hour to get ready. I prefer more time, but when I start work at 5:30am, getting up at 4:00 is early enough for me (this is when I usually hit snooze at least once). 
  • 10 minutes of meditation: This is by far the most integral part of my morning. These 10 minutes allow me to slow down, center myself, and start my day with a clear intention. Lately I have internally repeated the mantra ‘I choose happiness, I choose ease’, or something along those lines, to remind me that I can allow myself to just be happy and at ease, no matter what the day brings. I usually meditate right in bed, and sit with a pillow under my spine as its easier to keep a straight back and is more comfortable for me. I just set a timer on my phone for 10 minutes and begin. If you are new to meditation, or even if you’re not, there are plenty of guided mediations of every length on youtube that can be much easier to stay concentrated with.   
  • Shower: I generally don’t shower in the morning as I prefer to have dry hair, but when I do I always dry brush before. Dry brushing increases circulation and helps reduce cellulite and other imperfections. It also removes dead skin and softens. I bought my brush for $6.99 at Winners but there are plently of better quality brushes to be found online or in health stores. I also use the same brush in the shower with my soap which is from The Soap Works. I have been using their soap for years, and many of them are plant based and all are very gentle. I use them for shaving as well. When I don’t wash my hair and find it is a bit greasy, I use a homeade dry shampoo. Mine is just 2tbs cornstarch and 2tbs cocoa powder (for dark hair), but you can omit the cocoa for light hair. Apply to the roots with an old makeup brush. 


  • Face routine: My face routine has simplified enormously over the years, as my diet has helped clear my skin and I have elmininated the toxic products I used to use. I recently discovered Nutra facial products and instantly loved them. The ingredients are all plant based and simple, and they are not too expensive. I use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and the Facial Toner, both found at my local health store. For moisturizer I am constantly trying new brands, but I am currently using (and loving) boo BAMBOO anti-age face lotion (its vegan and also found at my local health store).

 I have used the Spin For Perfect Skin brush, and it is great, but unfortunately both kits I bought have broke within a month so I haven’t used it recently. Despite this I really do love it and feel a difference in the deepness of the cleansing.   

  • Miscellaneous: For deodorant the only brand I will use is Siglarr. It is my best friend’s parents who own the company and make the products, and no deodorant has ever had such clean ingredients and worked so well. You can check them out at I use Nature’s Gate toothpaste and lotion- both are vegan and non GMO. 


  • Vitamins and water: I take B12, probiotics and a multi vitamin everyday. I also drink 1 litre of water every morning before I eat. It gets my digestive system going, and keeps me full and hydrated. Sometimes I drink it warm with lemon, plain, or whatever I’m in the mood for. Lemon is a great additive for both taste and its detoxifying qualities. Warm water is easier on your system, and you definitely don’t have to start with a full litre.  Just a cup of warm lemon water is fantastic. Your body will thank you! 
  • Make my lunch: I try and prep something the night before, so usually making my lunch is heating up leftovers and throwing it in a thermos. I usually take a container or veggies, fruit and a granola bar or homeade baking if I have it. Some vegan bars I eat are Cliff, Lara and my recent dicovery Double Chocolate Brownies (all from Costco).  I will have a vegan lunch post up in the future.  
  • Makeup/get dressed: Depending on the day I might apply a bit of makeup, and then get dressed. The vegan makeup brand I use is Pacifica. 
  • Breakfast: I ALWAYS make the time for a proper, delicious breakfast that I can sit down and eat. Lately I’ve been having different varieties of toast on my homeade sourdough bread. This one is tomato, fresh basic, olive oil, salt and pepper.   

Whew! I think thats the gist if it. Now I would grab my helmet, hop on my bike and head to work. I hope this sparked some ideas for some rituals you may want to incorporate into your morining. Remember to value your time and do what works for you! I promise your day will be so much sweeter when you start it like this. 

Love and Light!


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