Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are probably one of my favorite things- I’ll eat one of these for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are so easy, so delicious, and jam-packed with tons of nutrition. And how beautiful are they?! 

You can add whatever you like to them, but the secret is using frozen fruit to create that thick, sorbet texture. I almost always include frozen bananas, and then add whatever other frozen fruit I want with a bit of almond milk to help it blend. You can create whatever flavours you want, and then top it off with whatever you’d like. I’ve recently discovered topping them with granola, and I’ve got to tell you, its changed my life (seriously).  

Here is how I made mine today: all into a vitamix…

  1. Frozen bananas 
  2.  Frozen berries  
  3. Almond milk  
  4. Blend and pour/scoop into bowl  
  5. Top with granola, chia seeds & more frozen berries   
  6. Eat! Preferably with a huge soy latte and while watching Wentworth on Netflix.   

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