How Hiking Heals

I am fortunate enough to live in a place as beautiful and environmentally prosperous as British Columbia. I moved to the Okanagan Valley last summer from Winnipeg, Manitoba (imagine the extreme opposite- flat, cold, etc.) and absolutely love it. Because of my time spent in Winnipeg, I never take a second of the beauty here for granted. Every mountain, hill and body of water fills me with awe and gratitude- and it never gets old. 

One of the many things to do in nature here is to hike, and I have found it incredibly healing- physically, mentally and spiritually. There is something about climbing a mountain that metaphorically (and literally) empowers you to  overcome other obstacles in your life. Hiking is great exercise, clears the mind, and for me sets my spirit free, allowing me to move and be still all at once. The view from the top is one that makes you feel so small yet so vital to the universe all at the same time. Surrendering to what is- that is when the healing can begin.  



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